Pipework Installations

The purpose of a Pipeline Installation is to transport natural resources from the place of extraction to either a new or close-by location.

National Pipe can take care of your natural gas, and water/mechanical services pipework installations, for all commercial and industrial sites.

Of great importance is the necessity to follow regulations in laying pipework, whether that installation work is in the ground, under a concrete slab, in a roof cavity or under a floor. For example, when a pipeline is laid under a concrete slab, the clearance must be between 450mm and 600mm, depending on the purpose of the ground-space above. The pipes to be laid must also have the sustainability to last for an expected 50 years.

It is not unusual for several services (i.e. water, gas and power) to cross over or be in close proximity to one another, hence, the professionalism and registration of all contractors involved in any installations should be ascertained from the beginning. You’ll benefit from our expertise and professional certification and compliance credentials. We’ll ensure that all installation procedures follow the specified guidelines to guarantee that adequate planning, safety, durability and thermal performance levels are met. Environmental protection is also a key factor in  any works that we undertake.

National Pipe can ensure that all regulatory processes are followed. We work closely with your other contractors for all       pipe works types, including (but not limited to):

⦁ Natural Gas Pipes
⦁ Chemical/Oil Pipes, and
⦁ Water Pipes – for domestic hot, cold, chilled, condenser or heating water.

National Pipe works across multiple industries (including Gas, Construction, Water, Hospitality and Boilers) and we also offer Steel Pipework Fabrication, Pipe Freezing and Hot Tap services.
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