Live Gas Diversions

You may require a gas pipe diversion that involves interrupting your gas flow temporarily, movement of your gas meter, gas disconnection, and/or changes to your mains gas service pipe.

This could be due to property development or infrastructure changes at the premises.  New works may be in danger of causing issues where existing utilities or new pipelines will crossover, touch one another, or come within too close a range to meet regulatory and safety standards.    Affecting a Live Gas Diversion takes skill and great care, delivered by a qualified tradesperson, and that’s precisely         what you’ll get from our National Pipe Live Gas Diversion experts.  We will attend to the issues, whatever they are, and access existing drawings of the current infrastructure.  From this, we then design and plan a new layout for the Live Gas Diversion that allows for adequate spacing - both below and above ground.  This will pave the way for planning permission applications to document the diversion and the new path it will follow.  

Live Gas Diversions may also be required in other situations, such as:  

- Gas Leak Detection (including Carbon Monoxide detection)  
- Gas Pipe Upgrades or Repairs, and  
- Gas Emergencies.  

Once the planning and permission issues have been attended to, we will safely set up the diversion and complete all works to the highest standards, with every effort made to minimise disruption to your business operations, and without interfering with other works provided by associated service providers.

The benefits of using National Pipe’s expertise to perform Live Gas Diversions, at your site, mean that you can experience an uninterrupted gas supply, especially where alterations need to be made to existing gas services. This means you will not require testing and recertifying of existing installations.  Live Gas Diversions are also called for where pipework might be inaccessible, or where large gas installations with critical infrastructure can’t be turned off (for example, in hospitals or shopping centres).National Pipe will always provide  the best advice and ensure that a compliant and safe method is deployed for any gas diversion works, or suggest more suitable options.
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