Hot Tapping allows the addition of pipe connections and pipe alterations without having to de-pressurise, disrupt or shut-down existing liquid or gaseous flow.

It involves cutting or drilling into the pipe through a valve that we install to create an opening, and the machine also has the ability to stay in place to act as a bypass catalyst if required. Hot Tapping gives us the ability to then perform other live works on pipework systems, such as Wask bag insertions, short stops (for pipework diversions or alterations), camera inspections, and many more tasks.

Using this method is highly specialised, and dangerous, and should only be carried-out in circumstances where the piping system is required to be kept functional (as in full and flowing, and/or not emptied). Safety is of primary importance, obviously, and using this technique for the purposes of maintenance, plugging or stopping the pipeline, as a whole, should be discussed with a Hot Tap professional for the best solution to suit your needs. Hot Tapping may be a solution used on pressure vessels and storage tanks to add outlets, conduct repairs or inspections. However, on any Hot Tap project, caution needs to be taken to properly evaluate the best point of insertion, whilst ensuring that any bypass or isolation section will not tarnish the pipe’s contents, leak in a hazardous fashion, or cause the loss of productivity at the site. Likewise, when the Hot Tap machine is removed, at the end of the works, extra care is taken to maintain the pipe’s fluid pressure.

With Hot Tapping, extra precautions and care should be carried-out in circumstances where welding will affect fluids or gases contained in or around the pipework, and should not be carried out where there is any potential for combustion, flammability, causticity, poisoning, or an environmental chemical (or other) reaction.

Talk to us about the benefits of using Hot Tapping for a site inspection or job solution.  National Pipe will provide the best advice and ensure that a compliant and safe method is deployed, or suggest more suitable options.
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